General Information

Who We Are

Cable & Wireless Seychelles is part of Cable & Wireless Communications (CWC) – a world leading group of businesses operating in 38 markets worldwide.

Established in 1893, Cable & Wireless Seychelles is the most profitable Telecommunications Company in Seychelles with over 95% of businesses choosing us as their provider of choice.

Our offering includes fixed, mobile and broadband services for residential customers as well as tailored, turn key solutions for businesses supported by an ongoing commitment to quality, value and the best customer experience.

A truly Seychellois company with a 98% local workforce, no one knows Seychelles better!

Why Choose Us

At Cable & Wireless Seychelles, we understand the local market and challenges one can face in a small, fast-paced, dynamic environment which is why we provide products and solutions that yield tangible benefits to both your bottom line and customer efficiency.

In the dynamic industry that is telecommunications, Cable and Wireless Seychelles remains at the forefront of cutting edge technology, with over SR250 million recently invested over a two year period to deliver a fully IP, state-of-the-art digital network that allows for tailored solutions to meet dynamic personal and business needs across all economic sectors.

In addition, Cable & Wireless Seychelles owns a 34% stake in the submarine fiber optic cable “SEAS”, which landed in mid 2012 and has since revolutionized communications in Seychelles like never before, making it a perfect time for international investors and other interested business parties to set up operations in the Seychelles.

Cable & Wireless Seychelles is also a fully fledged triple play provider with fixed voice (IP Based), 3G+ mobile network available nationwide and cutting edge Broadband Internet available via the fiber optic link. The Company has also been granted a TV license and IPTV services are planned for 2013 that will make Cable & Wireless Seychelles the first quad play provider on the islands.

Our experience and reliability as the leading Telecoms Company in Seychelles sets us apart - customers get more when they choose Cable & Wireless!