What is Postpaid Cable Points

At Cable & Wireless, we value your loyalty. And we’re delighted to reward you for it.

Earn points across ALL postpaid services

Cable Points is a loyalty program that rewards you for using all your postpaid services. You get points for doing what you do everyday – making calls on both fixed line and mobile, sending SMS, using Mobile Internet and your Broadband service at home. The more you use, the more points you get.

How do I join?

  • Just visit any Cable & Wireless Customer Services Centre where our staff will register you on the spot

To qualify to start earning points, your minimum total monthly bill on any one of your postpaid services with us must be SR100 (exclusive of tax). For example, if your mobile bill is more than SR100, you will earn Cable Points when using your mobile.

How do I earn points?

SR 1 billed = 1 Cable Point earned e.g. if your total fixed line total bill before tax is SR 175 a month, you will earn 175 points.

  • The total number of points you can earn on a monthly basis is: 1500 (fixed line), 7500 (internet) and 2000 (mobile)
  • The good news is that you can also apply for OneBill, putting all your 3 bills together and earn up to 11000 points per month
  • Your points are valid for a period of 2 years if unused (i.e. if you don’t redeem your points)
  • All points awarded will be set to pending until bills are paid in full and on time. Beyond 30 days, when the bill becomes overdue, the points in pending status will expire