Ticket Me

Cable & Wireless is proud to announce a new service available to Prepaid Cable Points’ subscribers named Ticket Me!

This new service will allow subscribers to send Cable Premiere and Cable Gig tickets to their friends and family with just the push of a button on their mobile devices!

To gift tickets to your family and friends all you have to do is follow the simple and easy steps and have the mobile number of the person you wish to gift the ticket to on hand:

  1. Dial #155# and select Cable Points as usual
  2. Select Prepaid Cable Points
  3. Select Redeem points
  4. Select Cable Entertainment
  5. Select either Cable Premiere or Cable Gig
  6. Select Ticket Me

The sender’s Cable Points balance will then be automatically deducted and the ticket will be sent in the form of an SMS to the person you want to gift the ticket to!

Ticket Me services work only for Cable & Wireless Mobile subscribers, including both Postpaid and Prepaid customers.

So surprise your friends and family with tickets to go see their favourite movie or favourite artists perform, today!