Construction & Manufacturing

We place the customer experience at the heart of all company core values.

From construction to manufacturing and media to entertainment, whatever industry you are in, we’ve got the experience and solutions to help your business grow, cut costs and increase productivity.

We have helped many construction companies to mobilise construction sites to enable projects to start on time. We provide robust, flexible and secure infrastructure to ensure that everyone has the right information when they need it. Our high-speed mobile data services allow these businesses to access their data with full mobility.

Case Study

Vijay Construction needed to deliver its State of the Art Eden Plaza shopping complex at Eden Island. Cable & Wireless provided connectivity between the construction site and Vijay head office through our MPLS network ensuring access to vital information such as emails, application access and architectural plans at all times.

Upon completion of the Plaza, Cable & Wireless provided full connectivity for voice and high speed internet services to the plaza through our new state of the art fibre network ensuring swift operation for the new tenants.