Hospitality & Tourism

Driven by a bold, powerful and challenging mission “To provide world class communication services and solutions wherever and whenever people work, play and have fun”, Cable & Wireless remains the leading provider of Hospitality solutions in Seychelles with over 95% market share. With our individualistic approach we combine innovative technology and passion for what we do to deliver a personalized customer service.

Case Study

Through its expertise and use of highly innovative technology, Cable & Wireless has assisted major resorts in providing high speed internet access for their guests by installing DSLAMs and wireless-end modems in all the rooms, coupled with WiFi antennas to provide wireless coverage on the resorts compounds. Guests can access the internet anywhere on the compound and through multiple devices such as Laptops, PDAs, iPads, etc.

We provide our proven Dedicated Internet for Business (DIB) solution, a high speed local gigabit fibre network connected to the submarine cable to our Tier-1 provider in Monaco.

For staff quarters at such resorts, we have delivered our high speed Prepaid Broadband solution so the staff can stay in contact with their families & friends.