Video Conferencing

Cable & Wireless takes pride in providing its customers with an excellent video experience – simple to connect, easy-to-use, global coverage and affordability. You can have complete confidence in your video quality and performance.

Cable & Wireless IP Video Conferencing is a two-way, digital transmission of video and audio over our broadband communications network. From our comfortable conference room, you will view two television monitors. The left monitor will display images from other, far-end video conferencing locations. The right monitor will display your image, fed from a camera located on top of the left monitor. A microphone pod sits on the table in front of you, next to the infrared videoconference system remote.

You’re now ready to start your meeting, it is really that simple.

Facilities available:

  • Smart board
  • Free Fast WiFi Internet: browse and download freely during the conference


Contact our Corporate Sales Office on 4284012 now to book your video conferencing session.