Corporate BlackBerry

Stay connected with secure wireless access to email, web and organiser features.

We offer the perfect BlackBerry® plan to help you get more done while you're on the go.

BlackBerry is a totally integrated package that includes hardware, software and service, providing a complete end-to-end solution.

BlackBerry® Postpaid

We offer two alternative BlackBerry® solutions.

  1. The Entreprise/Corporate Solution is specially designed for businesses with an enterprise email solution such as Microsoft Exchange. Benefit from a proven, secure, open architecture that extends wireless communication and corporate data, including email, to mobile users.
  2. The Business® Internet Solution is designed for the power individual and medium to small business without an inhouse email system. Access POP3, Hotmail, AOL and other forms of email.

BlackBerry® is designed to save you time, enhance your productivity and improve your responsiveness. Revoutionise the way you live and work and get ahead with BlackBerry®.

BlackBerry® Roaming

Take your BlackBerry® with you when you travel and use it like you would at home. You can roam on the network of any of our active BlackBerry® enabled roaming partners. Before you leave, check that we have a BlackBerry® roaming agreement in place with a network provider in the country you are travelling to. New networks are being added all the time.

Visit any one of our Customer Services Centres or call 100 for more details before you travel.

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