Homeline Selfcare User Guide

Homeline Selfcare gives you a powerful and easy to use web interface to your phone settings.

Logging In

To log in, follow these steps:

  1. Open a browser and point it at www.cwseychelles.com,  go to the Selfcare tab and click on Fixed Line. The log in  page will open.
  2. Enter your phone number.
  3. Enter your password.




Once you’ve logged into Homeline Selfcare you will see the Dashboard page.  This displays:

  • whether you have any new voice messages
  • your most recent received and missed calls
  • your contacts, along with a quick search facility
  • any settings you have applied to your phone



Messages & Calls

The Messages tab displays all of your new and saved voice messages. You can play these voice messages from within your browser by clicking on them. You can also delete messages and mark them as heard or unheard.

The Missed Calls, Dialled Calls and Received Calls tabs show you details of all the most recent calls you have missed, dialled and answered.



The Contacts page allows you to manage your contacts and their phones numbers.  You can add as many contacts as you wish, and each contact can have up to three numbers: home, work and mobile. An easy search facility is also provided.



Call Manager

The Summary tab of Call Manager gives you an easy to understand description of what will happen to calls coming to your number.

The other tabs allow you to change the settings of your phone accounts, such as Call Forwarding and Do Not Disturb, as well as more advanced features such as Follow Me.


Changing your Password

If this is the first time you have accessed Homeline Selfcare, you should change your password to one that only you know.  To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Settings page.
  2. Enter your new password in the Password box.
  3. Re-enter your new password in the Confirm Password box.
  4. Click Change Password.




Context sensitive help is always available in Homeline Selfcare by clicking on the Help link.  This launches a separate window with a detailed description of the feature you have selected, and instructions for configuring it.

Available features

Unconditional Call forwarding

Forwards all incoming call to a number specified by you

Busy call Forwarding

Forwards incoming calls to a different number specified by you when your phone is busy.

Delayed Call Forwarding

Forwards incoming calls to a different number specified by you if the call is not answered within a specified length of time or number of rings.

Selective Call Forwarding

Forwards incoming calls from numbers selected by the you, to a number specified by you.

Call waiting

Informs you that there is another incoming call when you are on the phone

Calling Number Delivery

Displays the number of the incoming caller on your phone if you have a phone that shows caller ID.

Remote Access to Call Forwarding 

Allows you to change call forwarding settings from any location (not just from your own phone).

Find Me Follow Me

Ensures that  all your important calls reaches you, by allowing you to specify a list of numbers that will ring whenever your number is called.

Speed Dialing (1 Digit)

Allows you to call frequently used numbers by dialing a one digit short code.

Speed Dialing (2 Digit)

Allows you to call frequently used numbers by dialing a two digit short code.


Allows you to make a call or return a call by clicking on the Call button. The call may be made from your own phone, or at a remote phone number configured you.