Standard Rates for Fixed Line

Telephone service charges SCR (per min)
Monthly Rentals
Business 83.40
Residential 76.05
Local call charges
Fixed line peak (for 3 min) 0.77
Off-Peak (per 3 min) 0.60
Calls to Outer Islands (per min) 4.05
Fixed Line to Mobile
Peak (per min) 1.97
Off-peak (per min) 1.28
Super Off-Peak (per min) 0.74
Homeline Prepaid Calls to Fixed Line
Peak (per min) 0.48
Off-Peak (per min) 0.37
Calls to mobile
Peak and Off-Peak 1.60
Calls to Outer Island (per min) 4.66
International calls to popular countries
Peak 8.28
Off-Peak 5.99
Call Forwarding to voicemail
Monthly rental 11.25

* All rates exclusive of VAT