What is SafeNet?

In this digital age, leaving an unsecured Internet connection can be unsafe for children and adults alike. SafeNet is a special Internet Content Filtering tool designed to provide and/or enhance your home with a safe and secure internet experience. SafeNet is an add-on, optional service available to Cable & Wireless postpaid broadband internet customers that provides comprehensive Web Filtering and Security options. You get peace of mind as your home becomes a safer environment for internet use.

Main Features

The service targets a range of web-based threats and security concerns such as:

  • Web/URL Filtering: This service employs the latest range of web filtering technologies, running in real-time mode and automatically updated, enabling you to control access to all web content.
  • Anti-Virus & Malware: With the incorporation of dynamic anomaly detection and behavioral modeling systems, your home is guarded from viruses, botnets, spyware, browser exploits and other web threats.
  • Application Control: Gain control over popular web applications such as social networking, online gaming, streaming media and web-based messaging.
  • Bandwidth Control: Manage your Internet usage and control unnecessary traffic.
  • Data Leakage Prevention: Control the distribution of sensitive data or private information via the web. The service enables you to control who can upload important files, as well as types of files that can be uploaded.

How to subscribe to the service?

After choosing your desired package, simply complete an application form and submit to any Cable & Wireless Customer Services Centre.

Note: Business customers should contact our Corporate Sales office for business solutions (refer to “Business Solutions” for more information).

How much does it cost?

There are three SafeNet packages on offer to Cable & Wireless postpaid broadband internet customers. The cost will depend on the type of features you require. See table below:

SafeNet Packages Basic Standard Advance
Cost per Internet Line SR 100 SR 150 SR 200
Global redundancy
Real-Time Reporting
URL/website Filtering by category
Advanced Threat Protection  
Anti-virus and Anti-spyware  
Web 2.0 Control    
Data Loss Prevention    
Bandwidth Management    
SafeNet Console Access    

All rates are exclusive of VAT.

Business Solutions

Protect every computer in your organization! Productivity can be affected by Internet distractions whilst privacy and confidentiality can easily be compromised. Data leakages readily occur in a business environment and unchecked bandwidth usage can reduce the performance of business critical applications that potentially run up large unbudgeted expenses. An advanced SafeNet solution will enable your organization to experience secure Internet use, free from threats and malware, while ensuring that internet use is appropriate and compliant with your company’s acceptable usage policy.

Contact our Corporate Sales office on 4284012 or email to discuss a solution for your organization.

How to log in your SafeNet account?

Once your account has been activated and credentials pertaining to your account received, please click or locate the SafeNet service under the selfcare section at the top of our homepage.
NB: Link available to business solutions only.