Broadband Intro Package (Hybrid)

Price (SCR) 175
Download Up to 1 024 kbps
Minimum download speed 256 kbps
Email addresses 1
Monthly allowance 3.0 GB

What is Broadband Intro?

Broadband Intro is a postpaid package that offers prepaid benefits!

Subscribers are allocated with 3GB monthly data allowance, which can be topped up with more data once the allowance is reached or wait for the renewal of your account which occurs on the first of every month, on which date you will once again be allocated with 3GB of data allowance for that month.

Why choose the “Intro Package”?

If you require an internet package for basic use, our “Broadband Intro” package will provide you the following benefits:

  1. Most affordable postpaid internet package nationwide
  2. Fast broadband internet access
  3. Total control on your spending
  4. Monitor your usage at broadband
  5. Happy Hours - Fast Free night time Internet from Midnight (12am) to 6am, 7 days a week.

How much does it cost?

Broadband Intro comes with a monthly rental charge of only SR175 (excl. GST). Prepaid Vouchers for extra data can be purchased, similar to Prepaid Broadband. Please refer to our Prepaid section for details.

Cable Broadband Intro has an installation fee of SR625 inclusive of a free ADSL wireless enabled modem.

What download/upload speeds should I expect from my broadband package?

Internet, being a shared resource, include a number of factors which may affect your Broadband speeds.

For retail Broadband packages, you should expect during the day to attain, on average, 50% of your package Download and Upload peak information rates (PIR) i.e. average download speed of 500 kbps for Intro, Lite, Plus, Advantage and 1 Mbps average download speed for Premium and Ultimate. During ‘Happy Hours’ a Fair Usage Policy (FUP) is enforced. During ‘Happy Hours’ a Fair Usage Policy (FUP) is enforced. Please note that speed varies dependant on which protocol you are using as well as the content source.

For Dedicated Internet Broadband (DIB) packages, you are guaranteed your Download and Upload Committed Information Rates (CIR) at all times.