Prepaid Broadband

What is Prepaid Broadband?

With no annual contract, no monthly bills and no credit checks, Cable and Wireless gives you more flexibility than ever before. Our Prepaid Broadband delivers an unparalleled pay-as-you-go internet experience, allowing you to do more in less time.

How to access?

  1. Via ADSL – Fill in an ADSL Prepaid Broadband application form and submit at any of our Customer Services Centre.
  2. Via WiFi – Search for the Prepaid Broadband WiFi name (SSID) from your WiFi enabled laptop or other device and get connected.

Where to purchase Prepaid Broadband voucher?

Vouchers can be purchase via

  1. eVouchers: Dial #145# from any CWS mobile
  2. PayPal: click on the PayPal icon on the Prepaid Broadband homepage and follow the easy steps
  3. Scratch card: Can be purchase at selective locations and from any of our Customer Services Centres

How much does it cost?

Vouchers are available in various denominations and prices may vary depending on your payment mode.

Vouchers available:

  • 50MB @ SR25*
  • 100MB @ SR40*
  • 200Mb @ SR70
  • 450MB @ SR140
  • 1000MB @ SR300

Denominations marked with an asterisk (*) are only available as eVouchers.

Additional info

Please visit our Prepaid Broadband portal for detailed information on registration, recharge, account management and other valuable information.