Boosters are bundles of extra minutes, SMS and data which you can purchase to add to your KOZE free allowances. Data and Text Boosters can be purchased by dialing #155#

Facebook Booster

The Facebook booster is a social network orientated internet booster which enables you to purchase Mobile INTERNET Data specifically for using Facebook. It works when accessing Facebook via either the Facebook app or the Internet Browser of your mobile device.

DONN OU BAL! & use Facebook for 5 days (250MB) @ SR 19.00 only!

Price (SR Inc. VAT) 19
Bundle (MB) 250
Validity (Days) 5
  • Both Facebook and general Data Boosters can be purchased via USSD(#155#), ETopUP, Kiosk, Eshop &
  • Customers will be able to check their data balance on

Facebook Booster for CWS mobile customers

Purchase a Facebook Booster for your mobile device (prepaid or post-paid). Below are everything you can do with our Facebook Booster:

What can I do with Facebook Booster? Included in Facebook Booster
Update my status
Like a post, share a post, comment on a post
Add friends
Check events
Browse newsfeed
View pictures / album / Facebook platform videos on Facebook
Chat on Facebook Messenger
Video and voice call on Facebook
Messenger Uploading pictures and video on Facebook
Viewing any video using external links like YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo or others X
Opening  any links to external sites such as,, or other X

Use of the Facebook Booster will constitute the Subscriber’s acceptance of these Facebook Booster Terms and conditions.

NOTE: Please ensure that the operating system and the Facebook app on your device is updated to the latest version.

Create your own package 

Normally minutes, text and data which exceed your monthly free allowances are charged at the standard rates. Boosters allow you to purchase extra text and data in bulk at a discounted rate. Remain in Control If you know you will exceed your monthly free allowance then purchase a booster of your choice to save on your monthly bill. Note:

  • Unused Booster minutes, text and data will not be carried over to the next month
  • You can now check your remaining minutes, SMS and data on your handset by dialling #125#
  • All charges below are exclusive of VAT
  • All boosters are valid until the end of each month

Are you a heavy data user? Choose a DATA Booster and browse away with no worries.

DATA Boosters Allowance (MB) Service Charge (SCR Inc VAT) Validity (Days) Free Social Pack
DATA 50 50 24 7 N/A
DATA 150 150 49 15 N/A
DATA 300 300 99 30 N/A
DATA 1000 1,024 199 30 +FREE 100MB Facebook
DATA 2000 2,048 399 30 +FREE 200MB Facebook
DATA 3000 3,072 549 30 +FREE 300MB Facebook
DATA 4000 4,096 749 30 +FREE 400MB Facebook
DATA 5000 5,120 849 30 +FREE 500MB Facebook
DATA 10000 10,240 1,699 30 +FREE 1000MB Facebook

All rates incl. VAT.

Data Boosters on Postpaid are valid until the end of the month from the date purchased and for 30 days only from the date purchased on Prepaid.

Are you a heavy texter? Choose a TEXT Booster and text away with no worries.

TEXT Boosters Allowance (SMS) Service Charge (SCR)
TEXT 50 50 20.00
TEXT 100 100 34.00
TEXT 200 200 55.00
TEXT 300 300 70.00
TEXT 400 400 80.00

All rates excl. VAT.

Text Boosters on Postpaid are valid until the end of the month from the date purchased and for 30 days only from the date purchased on Prepaid.

Do you make a significant amount of International calls? Then International Connect Boosters are for you! Make International calls at the lowest rate in the country when you select one of the following boosters:

  Inter Connect 20 Inter Connect 30 Inter Connect 60 Inter Connect 250
Allowance 20 Mins 30 mins 60 mins 250 mins
Service Charge Incl VAT SR69 SR89 SR169 SR501
Validity 20 Days 30 Days  30 Days  30 Days
International call rate (SR/min) SR3.45 SR2.97 SR2.82 SR2.00

Applicable destination countries: Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Kenya, Mauritius, Nepal, Nigeria, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Spain, UAE, UK & USA

Boosters gives you more flexibility, more choice, best value for money in Seychelles… only from Cable & Wireless!