What happens if I lose my 3G+ signal?

If you lose your 3G+ signal, you can still obtain mobile internet access on our EDGE network, although the service will be at reduced speeds. Your USB modem will automatically connect to our EDGE network so you can continue to enjoy mobile internet access until you once again reconnect to 3G+ with better speeds. As with any network, your signal can be impacted by a range of factors such as distance from site and your chosen USB modem or device.

What are Data Boosters?

Data Boosters are bundles of extra data which you can purchase to add to your postpaid or prepaid data allowances. Data Boosters put you in control of your usage and give you more value for your rupee.

Where can I purchase a booster?

Plug & Play Internet allows you the freedom of purchasing Data Boosters at your own convenience from your laptop or PC. Simply access our "Self Care website" at www.selfcare.sc to purchase a Data Booster of your choice. A username and password will be assigned to you when you register for the service as you will need these to log in to the site. Note that you can also purchase Data Boosters directly from any one of our Customer Services Centres.

Note: Prepaid customers must ensure that they have sufficient credit in their account before purchasing a booster on the Self Care website.

Where can I check my remaining balance?

You can check your remaining data allowance on the "Self Care website" at www.selfcare.sc

Can I also find out my current data usage? You can check your usage for the month through our Cable e-Bill service, available at www.e-bill.cws.sc or by enquiring at one of our Customer Services Centres. To receive your billing information through Cable e-Bill, please visit us to apply for the service.

What happens if I exceed my data allowance?

If you are a prepaid customer and you exceed your data allowance, you will be charged a rate of 0.5cts per Kb. Postpaid customers will be charged a different rate depending on their package Should you frequently exceed your data allowance, it is advisable to purchase Data Boosters that can save you money. If you are a postpaid customer, it may be best to upgrade to a higher package that offers more allowance, after which you can continue to purchase Data Boosters anytime.

Note that Data Boosters purchased on postpaid during any given month are valid until the end of that month.