Mobile Hotspot

What is Mobile Hotspot?

Mobile Hotspot ('My WiFi'), is a small, pocket sized wireless router that acts as a mobile WiFi hotspot. The device allows for wireless internet access for up to 5 devices simultaneously including smartphones, laptops, iPads and tablets. The Mobile Hotspot works at a distance of up to 10 metres from the router.

Benefits of Mobile Hotspoti

  1. Small, light and battery powered
  2. Easy and fast to set up
  3. Acts as a portable WiFi hotspot that can be used island wide wherever mobile coverage is available - experience better speeds on 3G+
  4. Connects up to 5 WiFi enabled devices to the internet simultaneously, sharing the same MiFi router with only one SIM card
  5. Flexible as you can move the router around from room to room or take it with you to use on the go. Family, friends & colleagues can all enjoy the internet at the same time using their own device MiFi wireless routers are perfect for people who are constantly on the move as it provides groups of people with internet access island wide with no wiring required. It is ideal for professionals, small businesses and people working from home - especially those sharing the same working space.

How do I get Mobile Hotspot?

Purchase the Mobile Hotspot router from any Cable & Wireless Customer Services Centre. You would need to complete an application form to subscribe to a "Click" postpaid data package of your choice. You will be provided with your Mobile Hotspot router and a 3G + enabled SIM card. Mobile Hotspot routers are available at a range of discounted prices on "Click" packages (from Click 1000 and above) when signing up to a 12 and 24 month contract. You may even get your Mobile Hotspot router for FREE!

How do I set it up?

  1. Insert SIM Card into the Mobile Hotspot router
  2. Connect it to a PC/laptop using the USB cable provided
  3. Switch the router ON
  4. Open your Internet Browser and enter
  5. Enter the Password admin and click Login
  6. Click on the Settings tab
  7. Ensure you have selected Quick Setup located to the left and click on Next to start the setup wizard
  8. Enter your Profile Name (choose any name or simply use CWS Internet)
  9. Enter *99# as the dial-up number
  10. Username & Password must be left blank
  11. Enter internet in the APN field and ensure Static is selected. Click Next
  12. Ensure the Authentication is set to PAP
  13. Ensure Connection Mode is set to Auto and click Next
  14. Enter the name of your Mobile Hotspot connection (e.g. CWS MiFi) in the Name (SSID) field, ensure SSID Broadcast is enabled and click Next
  15. The 802.11 Authentication must be WPA-PSK
  16. The WPA Encryption must be TKIP
  17. Enter your WPA Pre-Shared Key, that can be found underneath your Mobile Hotspot device under WiFi Key and click Next
  18. Verify all the information is correct and click Finish
  19. You can now disconnect the Mobile Hotspot from your PC/laptop.
  20. Your Mobile Hotspot router is now ready. Remember to ensure that your Mobile Hotspot router is charged before use
  21. Please refer to your product manual on how to set up your device (e.g. laptop, tablet, etc) to connect to a WiFi hotspot. You will be able to identify your Mobile Hotspot connection by the name you created in point 14 above. This name and your WPA Pre-Shared Key would need to be set up on your WiFi enabled device in order to connect to the Mobile Hotspot router.