Best Friend

What is Best Friend?

Best Friend is the new Prepaid offer from Cable and Wireless! Spend SR12.99 on calls to local mobile numbers and then call a C&W mobile for the rest of the day, for FREE!

Also get 15% discount on all calls to two international numbers of your choice.

How do I register?

Send BF REG to 9622 as an SMS.

How do I nominate/change/remove/list my numbers?

You may choose one local C&W Mobile Number and two International Numbers.
Nominated Numbers can be changed once a month only.

To nominate a number:

Send BF ADD XXXXXXX to 9622


BF ADD 2512345 for C&W local numbers
BF ADD 0044791212456 for international numbers

Note: 00 must be added in front of your nominated International numbers

To change a nominated number:

Send BF CHG XXXXXXX YYYYYYY to 9622, where XXXXXXX represents your old nominated number and YYYYYYY is your new nominated number, e.g. BF CHG 2512345 2554321

To remove a nominated number:

Send BF REM XXXXXXX to 9622, e.g. BF REM 2512345

To list all your nominated numbers:

Send BF LIS to 9622

How do I unregister?

Send BF UNREG to 9622

Best Friend is on offer to Cable Prepaid customers only. Free/discounted calls will apply on any given day, as soon as the SR12.99 (incl. VAT) threshold is reached, and it will be in effect until midnight of the same day.