What is me2u TopUp?

me2u TopUp allows Cable Prepaid and postpaid customers to transfer credit to other Cable Prepaid customer accounts anytime, anywhere.

It's easy, quick and flexible. You can top up any amount between SR1 and SR100. You can even set up your phone to transfer credit on specific days of the month. There are no service charges, no registration fees. You only pay for the value of the credit transferred.

Note that Bonus credit on Prepaid cannot be transferred using Me2U.

How do I get started?

To register for me2u TopUp service, all you have to do is send an SMS to 144 in the following format:

Reg e.g. Reg dav123

Choose your own secret code of 4 to 11 characters.

Upon registration a system pasword will be sent to you in an SMS and you can immediately start to transfer credit. This can be done in two ways.

  • Option 1: Using SMS Send an SMS to 144 in the following format: Transfer e.g. Transfer 245245 57xxxx 55
  • Option 2: Using USSD menus
  1. Dial #144# to access the main menu
  2. Select option 2 "me2u Direct" by pressing the answer/ reply key then enter 2 followed by ok/send

For more information about me2u TopUp, click here to download our me2u TopUp guidebook. You can also call 100 or visit any of our Customer Services Centres.