Missed Call Alert

What is Missed Call Alert?

Missed Call Alert (MCA) is a new service available to all Cable & Wireless postpaid mobile customers. MCA notifies you of any missed calls you may have received whilst your mobile phone was off or out of the coverage area.

What are the features of Missed Call Alert?

MCA includes a number of features which are grouped into 3 packages (see table of available packages). These features are AlertMe, I’mBack, AlertMe2 and I’mAway.

1. AlertMe

AlertMe is automatically activated on all MCA packages. The feature lets you know who called you when your mobile is either:

  1. Out of coverage area
  2. Switched off

Once you switch your mobile back on or return to the coverage area an SMS containing the information below is automatically sent to you, or alternatively, you will receive a message prompting you to retrieve the SMS from the MCA system (Pull mode).

The SMS will include:

  • The number of the person who called you
  • Last date and time of the call
  • Number of attempts by each caller

2. I’mBack

As you return to a Cable & Wireless coverage area or switch your mobile back on, an SMS notification is sent to the person(s) who were trying to call you informing them that you are back on the network, e.g. 2512345 is back on the network. You may try calling again now.

You will have control over which callers will receive these SMS notifications by setting up a White List (list of numbers who will receive the I’mBack SMS notifications).

This feature is automatically activated upon registration to the MCAPlus package.

However no one will receive I’mBack notifications until you have added numbers to your White List. The White List has a maximum limit of 20 numbers.

How to:

  • Add a number to the White List  =>  Send IBadd <Mobile Number you wish to add> to 9696
  • Check the numbers included in the White List  =>  Send IBlist to 9696
  • Delete a specific mobile number from the White List  =>  Send IBdel <mobile number you wish to delete> to 9696
  • Delete all mobile numbers from the White List  =>  Send IBdel to 9696
  • Disable the I’mBack feature  =>  Send IBoff to 9696
  • To enable the I’mBack feature  =>  Send IBon to 9696

3. AlertMe2

You can choose an alternate number where the AlertMe SMS notifications will be sent, e.g. a businessman can configure his secretary’s number as the alternate number in which case all AlertMe SMS notifications for his mobile will be sent to the secretary’s number. Only the alternate number will receive the AlertMe notification

How to:

  • Set up the AlertMe2 alternate number  =>  Send altedit <alternate mobile number> to 9696
  • View the AlertMe2 alternate number  =>  Send altview to 9696
  • Disable the AlertMe2 alternate number  =>  Send altedit to 9696

4. I’mAway

You can set up a personalized SMS, which will be sent to the mobile number calling you when your mobile has been switched off or is out of the network coverage area.

This service is similar to the auto reply feature available with email where subscribers can enable automatic reply mail to all mails received. Your personalized SMS has a limit of 160 characters.

e.g. I am currently out of the country and will be back on February 1st only. Contact +248251234 for any assistance.

How to:

  • Disable the I’mAway feature  =>  Send IAoff to 9696
  • Enable the I’mAway feature  =>  Send IAon to 9696
  • Customize the I’mAway message  =>  Send IAmsg all <message text> to 9696


Q: Am I charged for sending SMS and receiving alerts? A: No, all SMS and alerts are FREE

Q: How do I unregister from the MCA service? A: Simply SMS unreg to 9696

Q: If the caller hides their number, what will I see in the AlertMe SMS notification? A: The SMS notification will show the date and time of the call, however the calling number will not be stated. You will see “Hidden number”

Q: I already have voicemail activated, what happens when I register to MCA? A: If your mobile is switched off or you are out of the coverage area, missed calls will be forwarded to the MCA service instead of the voicemail service. You will continue to receive voicemail on “busy” and “no reply” if you have activated these options on your handset.

What MCA packages are available?

To subscribe to the MCA service, you will need to choose one of the below packages:

Package AlertMe ImBack ImAway AlertMe2 Monthly Subscription
MCA × × × FREE
MCAPull × × × FREE
MCAPlus SR10

MCA & MCAPull packages

The MCA package uses an SMS Push mode of delivery, meaning the AlertMe SMS notifications will be automatically sent to your mobile once you switch it back on or return to a coverage area.

This is perfect if you wish to know the details of your missed calls as soon as you are back on the network.

The MCAPull uses an SMS Pull mode of delivery, meaning a flash message will be sent to your mobile asking you to reply with the keyword “yes” to retrieve your AlertMe SMS notification. This is ideal when you want to control when you receive the alert on your phone.

MCAPlus package

The MCAPLUS also uses an SMS Push mode of delivery. This package has 3 additional features (AlertMe2, ImBack and ImAway and requires a monthly subscription of SR10 (incl. VAT). This feature rich option is ideal for the businessman and offers more flexibility and control.

Subscription for MCAPlus will automatically renew every 30 days and you will receive an SMS informing you of the successful renewal. To cancel your subscription, you would need to unregister from your MCA service.

How do I subscribe to an MCA package?

To subscribe to an MCA package, all you have to do is send the keyword (name of package) to 9696 e.g. MCAPull to 9696. You will then be asked to confirm your subscription to the package you have chosen. To accept, simply reply with the keyword “yes”.