Terms & Conditions

Cable Points Postpaid

Cable Points Postpaid Terms and Conditions

1. Cable Points are only earned/accumulated on Cable & Wireless residential services and they are only allocated on outgoing calls, SMS, data and broadband. For postpaid, the points are allocated on total bills before any applicable taxes.

2. The accumulation rule is SR 1 = 1 Cable Point

3. The enrolment is automatic for prepaid thus enabling the customer to enter the program  when reaching the minimal consumption of SR100 regardless from main or bonus account. For Postpaid, the enrolment is by registration at any of our Customer Services Centres on Mahe, Praslin and La Digue.

  • For single-service accounts - a bill accumulation of at least SR100 (exclusive of taxes) is required;
  • For multiple-service accounts (One-Bill) - a bill accumulation of at least SR100 (exclusive of taxes) on each service is required. The total points awarded for eligible service will be added to Customer’s One-Bill.

4. The points can be earned/accumulated if the account/subscription is active only. Suspended, disabled, retired accounts and overdue bills will not earn points unless either topping up during the suspension state which is 7 days or an early payment of the postpaid bill.

5. Points accumulated are not transferable and can be accumulated for a maximum period of twenty-four months. At the end of the twenty four months, points not yet redeemed will be reset back to zero. However, if the customer redeems or make any billable transaction during the last three months before the expiry date, the validity period of the points will be extended to an extra three months. For postpaid, the oldest balance reaching two years will expire first. Points will expire as and when they reach twenty-four months, leaving your account balance with the unexpired points.

6. Change of SIM/deactivation will result in the reset of the point account back to zero. However, mobile customers migrating from a Prepaid to a Postpaid service can also transfer their Cable Points only if the same mobile number is retained.

7. The annual earning/accumulation of Cable Points on prepaid are capped at 20,000 points. After a customer reaches that limit, he or she cannot earn/accumulate anymore points unless a part or whole is redeemed.

8. The maximum points that can be awarded on a monthly basis for postpaid for each service is capped as follows:

  • Fixed line: 1500 points;
  • Internet: 7500 points;
  • Mobile: 2000 points;

Customers cannot earn points beyond these limits during a particular month.

9. The collected/earned points are only redeemable for local outgoing calls (excluding calls to outer islands, premium numbers and short codes), SMS and data.

10. Redemption of accumulated points is applicable and can only be processed for fully active accounts.

11. No redemption shall be permitted if:

  • An account is suspended or deactivated, or
  • There are any outstanding dues on an account

12. The point’s responsible person is the account holder, whereby he/she will be the only person authorized to handle all related issues including but not limited to: inquiries, notifications, redemption etc…

13. All points awarded will be set to pending until bills are paid in full and on time. Beyond 30 days, when the bill becomes overdue, the points in pending status will expire.

14. On Postpaid, the current points balance is updated ONLY after the bill is generated. The same balance will also be available online through e-Bill.  The Points to be earned in a month are only transferred/confirmed to a Customer’s Cable Points Accounts after the Customer settles his or her bill.

15. At any time, and at C&W discretion, subscribers occasionally may receive additional points or rewards without any obligations to any party involved.

16. All rewards redeemed/issued are not refundable.

17. Any discrepancy in the accumulation/calculation of points must be reported by the account holder, in person, to the customer services, within a period of fifteen days and forty days for investigations and/or follow-ups, after which any discrepancy may not be accepted for investigations.

18. C&W reserves the right to terminate/change/alter this program or any part thereof at any time without prior notice, and shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting whatsoever, including but not limited to discrepancies resulting from dealers, state agents, banks or any other party involved.