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Kreolwave is an online music and video streaming service dedicated to Seychellois and other regional artists! For only $ 9.99 per month, get unlimited access to a wide range of local Creole music from your favourite artists, exclusive music videos and local LIVE TV channels Télésesel & Cable Tunes TV! 

Click here to start your free trial now and start streaming from wherever you are!

To create a Kreolwave account, visit and select ‘Start Free Trial’ to get started! 

Fill in the form and once completed, login and enjoy! Your subscription is automatically renewed and charged on a monthly basis.

By creating an account and using our website, you agree to Kreolwave’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

No, there is no initial charge on Kreolwave.

Your bank card will not be charged until after the free trial. At the end of your free trial period, you will be automatically charged the subscription fee of SCR 249 per month. 

You may also cancel your Kreolwave subscription anytime.

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Contact us via WhatsApp at: +248 2500663

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Kreolwave pays whoever holds the rights to a song $0.0065 per play.