About Us

Here at Cable & Wireless Seychelles, we’re all about making connections. From being the first to connect Seychelles to the rest of the world in 1893, to now being Seychelles’ provider of choice. Connecting businesses, homes and individuals with revolutionary state-of-the-art solutions delivered on the fastest LTE 4G+ network, the only 5G network in Seychelles and an advanced fibre optic link.

We offer fixed line, mobile, TV and broadband internet services for residential customers as well as tailored, turn key solutions for businesses; all supported by an ongoing commitment to quality, value and the best customer experience.

Why choose us?

Being Seychelles’ first quad-play provider we offer all the services you need under one roof! With the fastest network, attractive packages, an amazing loyalty program and first-rate customer service, it is no surprise that we are the provider of choice.

The telecommunication industry is incredibly fast-paced, this is common knowledge, it is easy to be left behind all the international corporations. That is why Cable & Wireless Seychelles strives to remain at the forefront of ingenious, cutting edge technology, and prioritises our investment towards the future. Our mission to ‘provide world class communication services and solutions whenever and wherever people work, play and have fun’, in line with our vision to be your provider of choice, drives us to be the dynamic company you know today.

Though steadily connected to the rest of the world, our roots are on the Seychelles islands. At Cable & Wireless Seychelles we understand completely the challenges of establishing oneself here. For this reason, we aim to keep you connected to wherever you so wish, and in the meantime, you can be relaxed knowing that all your connectivity needs are in dependable hands. With the recent acquisition of the company by a group of local Seychellois owners, we are honoured to be truly Seychellois.