Why join CWS

At Cable & Wireless Seychelles, our aim is to develop our team to meet the demands of a fast-paced industry, which is dynamic, competitive and focused on delivering. One of our key successes has been the recruitment of talented individuals primarily with the right attitude for the right job.

With us, employees are given the opportunity to build rewarding careers. If you prove yourself, we will set the course for your long term career goals.

Mission and Values

Our Mission Statement

"Connecting people whenever and wherever they work and play."

Our Core Values

  • Customer

    We will satisfy our customers by going the extra mile

  • Team

    We will act and behave as one team, supporting each other

  • Integrity

    We will act with the highest standard of business integrity

  • Respect

    We will always respect each other internally and in the community

  • Accountability

    We will hold ourselves and each other accountable for performance

Our Culture

Time and experience have over the years shaped our values and beliefs, thus creating the culture we have today. We take pride in investing in our human resources, valued as the most important assets, encouraging personal development alongside technological evolution.

Our sharp thinking, fast moving, action-oriented approach, innovative way of doing things and professional way of caring for our people put us in the top most sought-after companies to work for. Being customer-focused and reliable makes us excel in our service delivery, among the best in delivering customer service excellence.

To maintain a positive work culture, we create a conducive work environment which includes the right career development. We complement this healthy work environment by organising staff social activities and by coming up with family initiatives, incentive programs and well-earned benefits resulting in proud employees. Looking at our profile today, we know that it has been shaped by talents existing throughout the company!

Career Development

Developmental programs are initiated from the onset and throughout career progress, made known at various intervals during employment. We offer on-the-job training, one-on-one coaching, formal technical and personal skill development training, both local and international, all with the aim of building a professional career.

We believe in the sharing of best practises, exchange programs that add value and in leadership development for talented individuals.

Staff Benefits

Staff Benefits

Ever wondered why Cable & Wireless employees stay with the company until they reach retirement age? Simply answered – as a performance–oriented organisation, we not only provide the solutions but we also share the great rewards. The highly competitive salary package is just the basic. When the perks are added, we find that we offer the most progressive benefit package that no doubt betters the work and social living conditions of the employee.

Medical benefit extending to close family, annual leave allowances, leave entitlement above the local legal norms, Local Pension plan with voluntary top up option, discounted product packages and performance based reward program are all on offer.

Other attractive benefits which help build our cultural strength are:

  • Training & development

  • Events for staff & families

  • Sense of ownership

  • Career progression

  • Opportunity for self-development

  • Challenging projects

  • Recognition awards

  • Responsibility and accountability

  • Safe work environment

  • Innovation and creativity

  • Recreational Club (Exiles Club)

Join the CWS family today!