The Government of Seychelles has received dedicated support from Cable & Wireless ever since Seychelles became part of the world telecommunications network in 1893. At the time, the Eastern and South African Telegraph Company was granted a contract to establish a telegraph cable linking Zanzibar with Seychelles thence Mauritius, which was capable of transmitting 15 words a minute. A revolution in those days!

More than 100 years on, in today’s fast moving, high tech environment, we remain committed in supporting government agencies with automated Information Systems and multiple solutions. The rise in internet popularity has resulted in an increase in demand for computers from the general public and Cable & Wireless continues to work with the Government in bridging the digital divide locally. Today, electronic records, transactions and messaging have long since replaced the physical records of the past and the landing of the fibre optic subsea cable SEAS in 2012, for which Cable & Wireless partnered closely with the Government, is set to change the communication landscape in Seychelles forever.Internet speed in Seychelles has become in par with other developing countries globally.   CWS continues with its commitment to bring more affordable Internet to Seychelles and continue to improve the end users experience. 

The Seychelles Government continues to achieve its e-Government goals backed by the expertise and quality from Seychelles leading telecoms provider.  CWS innovations continue to bring world class products and Technologies to Seychelles, in return this continue to raise the Country and Seychelles Government ICT rating to be amongst the best in Africa.

Case Study

Cable & Wireless assisted the Department of Information Technology in linking all Heath Centres and District Administration offices to the e-Government system, hence providing instantaneous access to email, collaboration and applications between agencies with sharing of internet bandwidth.  Cable & Wireless Continue to work with the Seychelles Government to provide reliable, affordable, high speed internet to all the schools around Seychelles.  

In the scope of improving everyone life in Seychelles, Cable & Wireless continue to invest in self-service kiosk allowing its’ customers to transact with us at their ease of time and in a secure way.   On the other hand, CWS support the Government in achieving it telemedicine goals,  by providing them with the best digital network, interlinking all the district clinics around Mahé, Praslin & La Digue.