Solidifying Environmental School Programs through donation to the Turtle Foundation

Solidifying Environmental School Programs through donation to the Turtle Foundation

It was through the “Happy to Give” campaign that CWS managed to raise SCR 105,600/- to donate to the Turtle Foundation in a short ceremony held at the Seychelles Museum of National History, Friday 07th December 2016.

The “Happy to Give” campaign, which started in mid-October and ended on November 20th 2016, is an SMS-enabled platform that allows customers to donate their Loyalty points to fund charitable actions. In this instance it was driven by the “Save the Turtles” initiative.

Mr. Thomas Dauban, Director of Human Resources and Administration at CWS, highlighted that it was through their corporate social responsibility, and the participation of their clients, that this official donation to the Turtle Foundation was made possible. 

“It is natural for CWS to contribute to the community. It is a vision of life and it is important to us, above all, it expresses one of our significant values, to give. We are happy to give for the protection of endangered turtles. Our customers have donated their points and we have contributed 50% for this donation, which gives an amount of 105,600 rupees. Thank you to our customers for helping us improve the situation in Seychelles,” he shared on the day.

The cheque was presented to the Turtle Foundation by Hervé Atayi, responsible for marketing intelligence and customer loyalty at CWS, and the Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate Change, Didier Dogley.

Ms. Vanessa Didon, researcher at The Marine Conservation Society Seychelles (MCSS), thanked Mr. Hervé Atayi for having launched this campaign to support the Seychelles Turtle Festival committee and for the dedication in raising said funds.

“The population of Seychelles turtles is ranked in 4th position of endangered species in the world. This threat concerns in particular two species, the green turtles and the valve turtles. Thank you to the community for participating in this innovative campaign – “Happy to Give” - to protect turtles. I am optimistic in terms of forecasts,” she added.

This donation was also an opportunity to launch the new Cable & Wireless calendar in partnership with the Seychelles Islands Foundation, in the presence of Charles Hammond, Chief Executive of CWS. It was the Minister of Education and Human Resources Development, Joël Morgan, who was chosen to sponsor this calendar. The students present received a gift, and a calendar for their investment in protecting the turtles.