CWS supports Seychelles Alzheimer’s Foundation

CWS supports Seychelles Alzheimer’s Foundation

Forgetting can be a sign of a stressful life or an overworked mind; but in old age forgetfulness can be a symptom of Alzheimer’s. In Seychelles Alzheimer is often overlooked as bad memory or craziness, therefore the Seychelles Alzheimer’s Foundation has a goal to have an operational Memory Care Unit, which will provide comprehensive and compassionate care to the Alzheimer patients in Seychelles from next year.

In a short ceremony held at Kenwyn House last Friday, 30th November 2018; the Chief Executive of Cable & Wireless (Seychelles) Ltd (CWS) Charles Hammond, presented to Dame Lise Church, the chairperson for the Seychelles Alzheimer Foundation, a SCR 100,000/- cheque under the CWS Foundation (CWSF) umbrella. Also present were the Foundation executive members, CWS Senior management team and the Marketing Communication team.

The funds given will go towards the renovation of the Memory Care Unit building that the Foundation have acquired from the Ministry of Health. Thanking CWS for their generosity, Dame Church said “I wish to express my deep appreciation for the nice contribution from CWS. It shows that truly CWS knows Seychelles better. They have realised what we need and they have made the move in supporting the Seychelles Alzheimer’s Foundation”

Quoting the CWS mission statement “to provide world class communication services and solution wherever and whenever people work, play and have fun.” Mr Hammond also added: “I am considering the proposal from one of my colleagues Patrick Gopal in changing the mission to provide World Class Communication services and solutions, to also supporting the community wherever and whenever people live, work, play and have fun.”

Mr Hammond appealed to other businesses to follow in CWS footsteps “Alzheimer is a disease that can affect you, your loved ones, family and friends.’ He encourages other businesses in Seychelles to contribute to this important cause.

Alzheimer is a degenerative and incurable disease. Memory loss, loss of everyday functions are some of the symptoms experienced. When one’s family is affected, it is often a big loss for the younger generation, as the older members are a living history book. The funny stories and the recollections of past events is lost with them.

In line with its long–term commitment towards supporting the local communities and being responsive to their needs, the CWS officially launched the CWSF in March 2005. Working under the slogan, “A helping hand for a stronger community”, the aims of the Foundation are to establish and build partnerships with local charitable and community organisations focusing on groups with ‘special needs; to actively contribute in the strengthening of communities in which we live and work and to enhance the Cable & Wireless brand by promoting our role as a corporate citizen.’