Cheque Handover to the Friends of North East Point and Hospice & Alzheimer’s Association

Cheque Handover to the Friends of North East Point and Hospice & Alzheimer’s Association

The Cable and Wireless Seychelles (CWS) Foundation announced a donation of SCR100,000 to the Friends of North East Point and Hospice (FNEPHH) and Alzheimer’s Association to help support their efforts in offering the best after-care and rehabilitation programme to patients. The handover event took place at the North East Point Hospital on Friday 11th November 2022.

Working to strengthen communities have long been a part of the CWS Foundation’s corporate social responsibility focus. Therefore, the Foundation has been engaged in relieving the struggles faced by patients which are disruptive to their daily life. For this reason, the CWS Foundation is assisting in ensuring a better place and offering more comfort to these patients to facilitate their recovery and well-being.

The Friends of North East Point Hospital and Hospice received another sizeable donation from the CWS Foundation last year. Upon touring the facility, we felt a sense of pride to see that they had invested the funds in renovating a dining hall and lounge area used to uplift the morale of patients and staff at FNEPHH. Aside from the bright and colourful refuge, this time round Chairperson Rose-Mary Lee-Bluemner explained that it was important for them to continue upgrading their facilities and equipment, especially the physiotherapy and occupational therapy rooms to better assist patients in their recuperation process. 

Whereas the Alzheimer’s Association plans to invest its funds in a Memory Room that will also be based at the North East Point Hospital. This initiative also has the objective of comforting patients who are currently struggling with memory loss, such as those living with either Alzheimer’s or Dementia. It is integral to empower them to stay active by exposing them to familiar objects which will help to give them a sense of security. 

At CWS, we want to ensure that even when patients are no longer their previous selves and are facing dependency on others that they will be able to receive the best after-care that they deserve to smoothen the process which they are going through and ease the struggles. It is important for us that no one feels alone or forgotten in their time of need. Therefore, we are always ready to support causes that are dear to us, and that will help to benefit the community.