With growing bandwidth demands on business, having a Direct Internet connection ensures you future-proofing your business

Direct internet access (DIA) also known as dedicated internet for business (DIB) is our solution offered to businesses that require unlimited data allowance, guaranteed minimum speed, high performance, reliable internet access and priority support. DIB offers multiple options in service tiers to provide you with the best choice for your location. This alternative to traditional broadband service offers customers ease of use via either copper or fiber optic to the home or office.

Our DIB is Further Broken Down Into

Uncontended DIB

Uncontended DIB implies that the service is dedicated for your business use only, there are no other users sharing the connection. The service is guaranteed at a fixed connection speed, meaning that the bandwidth is always available at the minimum guaranteed speed.

Contended DIB

Contended DIB implies that the bandwidth purchased is shared among other users, the speed of your DIB, will be based on the bandwidth and contention ratio your company opted for. The contention ratio is the number of users using the same data capacity.

Features and Benefits

  • Flexible Pricing
  • Fast Connections
  • Strong SLA Options
  • Contention
  • Reliable Connectivity

Bandwidth on Demand

Bandwidth on demand is a value added service to upgrade your existing bandwidth speed to specific predefined speeds based on customer’s demand for a fixed price at an incremental charge. Experience higher speeds for a fixed period as per the Speed Burst package and the same will be downgraded when the time period expires.