Promote and grow your business by pushing informative and promotional SMS

SMS is fast becoming the most effective and quickest way to reach your targeted audience. Cable and Wireless Corporate Messaging services offer you this unique possibility with the click of a button.

What is Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS or Corporate Messaging (CM) allows you to send SMS messages to a large audience at once. E.g., employees, customers, business associates or the general public. SMS messages are purchased in bulk, hence the term: bulk SMS. Our platform offers a wide range of features allowing for the smooth running of your SMS broadcast or SMS campaign.


  • Schedule your SMS to be sent immediately or at a later time & date
  • Bulk uploading of customer contact number from CSV files 
  • Client can customise the sender ID of the SMS 
  • Clients can integrate their system to CWS SMS server via HTTPAPI or SMPP

Corporate Messaging Platform (CMP)

  • Also known as the CMP 
  • Easy interface accessible online
  • One way communication, where the audience can ONLY receive SMS 
  • All set up work is done by CWS

Short Messaging Peer to Peer (SMPP)

  • Two way communication, send and receive SMS from your chosen audience 
  • Point to point connection to CWS network 
  • No web interface
  • More control 
  • Clients using SMPP, can get their customers to pay for the SMS being sent to their mobile number

We provide you the flexibility to manage your content by giving you online access to your own Bulk SMS web portal account.

In case you have your own SMS platform you can interface to our bulk SMS gateway to allow SMS distributions.