FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

In-person registration at our Centres is essential for us to correctly validate your identity prior to collecting your email address for registration. 

This process will help to prevent fraud risks and ensures that we are collecting the correct information.

Your email address will serve as the new username to your MyCare account. This change is aimed at providing our customers with simplified access to their accounts, as well adding an extra layer of fraud protection and security.

If you would like to use MyCare and do not have an email address, we kindly encourage you to create one. If you do not have an email address, we will not be able to register you with a MyCare account.

 If you would like to register, please ensure that you have a valid email address before visiting our Customer Service Centres.  

Corporate customers that wish to register for MyCare will need to contact their respective Account Executive, where they will be provided with more guidance and information.

Your existing balance and usage details will remain. However, you may need to check and/or reset your settings. 

Cable and Wireless is dedicated to continuously enhancing customer experience and ensuring the highest standards of service. We have decided to revamp MyCare in order to bring you extra convenience, increased security, additional features, unified access to all your services, as well as a more user-friendly interface. 

These changes will apply to all existing and new Cable and Wireless customers who wish to use MyCare. 

To register for the new MyCare, you must visit a Customer Service Centre to provide the email address that you intend to use as your new MyCare username. This must be a working email address, as when we switch over to our upgraded platform, you will receive an email from us (no-reply@cwseychelles.comincluding the instructions on how to complete your registration online.  

*To ensure that you receive our email, please check your mailbox on an occasional basis. 

When our platform upgrade happens, you will receive an email from us (non-reply@cwseychelles.comwhich will include instructions on how to complete your registration online. 

*To ensure that you well receive our email, please check your mailbox on an occasional basis. 

To check your account number, simply refer to your bill where it's prominently displayed on the right-hand corner as a 12-digit number. 

Alternatively, if y0u only have a mobile subscription with us, you can check your Mobile Account Number by dialling #155# from your mobile device.

If you need further assistance, please contact our helpline at 100 or 4284000.