What is HomeLine Prepaid?

HomeLine Prepaid is the prepaid home phone option from Cable and Wireless. Instead of receiving a bill, you have a prepaid balance, and call charges are deducted from the balance as you make them. It is ideal for shared households - each member can have their own prepaid account and make calls using the same phone. In fact, you can make calls from your account using any Cable and Wireless fixed line telephone including payphones. With no annual contracts or monthly bills, HomeLine Prepaid gives you more flexibility than ever before!

How do I get HomeLine Prepaid?

Simply visit any Cable & Wireless Customer Service Centre to apply for a HomeLine Prepaid account. You will be given an account number and PIN, which you will need to use the service.

How to use the service:

When you become a HomeLine Prepaid customer, your phone line will be automatically redirected to the number 117, which is the access number to the HomeLine Prepaid service. Follow these easy steps to make a call:

    • Lift the handset. You will hear, "Welcome to the prepaid service. Please enter your card number, followed by the hash key (#)
    • Enter your six-digit account number and then press (#)
    • You will then be prompted to enter your PIN followed by the hash key. Enter your four-digit PIN and press (#)
    • Dial the number that you want to call (if the number you dialled is an International number, the system will tell you for how long you can talk, based on your current credit balance)

How much does it cost?

Installation fee
If you are an existing Cable & Wireless fixed line customer, it will not cost you anything to change to HomeLine Prepaid. However, if you are a new customer, you will be charged an installation fee of SR640 (incl. VAT)
Cost of Calls Per Minute (All rates are inclusive of VAT)
Calls to Fix-Line during Peak hours are SCR0.48 per min. During Off Peak hours, calls to Fixed-Line are SCR0.37 per min.
Calls to Mobile are SCR1.60 per minute during both peak and off-peak hours.
Calls to Outer Island are SCR4.66 per minute during both peak and off-peak hours
         International calls are charged at the standard normal call rates per minute.
Peak fixed-line rates apply from 6am to 8pm (weekdays). Off-peak fixed-line rates apply from 8pm to 6am (weekdays) and all-day Saturday,
Sunday, and Public Holidays. The rates for calls to mobiles and calls to outer islands are applied 24hrs a day.

How do I recharge my account?

You will need to buy a HomeLine Prepaid recharge card available in three values: SCR25, SCR50 and SCR100.
To recharge your HomeLine Prepaid account, simply follow the instructions on the back of the card. You can purchase HomeLine Prepaid Recharge cards at any Cable & Wireless Customer Service Centre and at selected retail outlets.

Managing your Account

Check your account balance and expiry date at any time by dialling 117 from any Cable & Wireless fixed line or payphone:
Step 1: Follow the voice prompts and enter your account number followed by (#)
Step 2: When prompted, enter your PIN followed by (#)
Step 3: When prompted to enter the destination number, enter 125 followed by (#)


HomeLine Prepaid - Frequently Asked Questions

If we confirm that there is no fault with your telephone line or socket, it is likely that the problem is with your handset. After signing a form confirming that your handset is faulty, you can purchase a new one from Cable & Wireless.
We are unable to confirm if there is a fault on your telephone line until the field technician checks the distribution point (this is usually located outside your house) or enters your premises to check on the wires of the telephone and socket point.
As our technician is unable to determine whether the fault lies inside or outside your premises, he may need to enter your premises to check on the wires and sockets. Thus, it is preferable for you or someone to be at home when the field technician arrives.
No, you do not have to pay cash to the field technician. Instead, you will be given a form to sign to confirm the work done and any charges will be listed on your next telephone bill.
There is no charge for repair work done outside your premises that involves the line and cable. However, some charges may be incurred for work carried out inside your premises such as rewiring and socket replacements. Please ask the field technician about this before any repair work is carried out.
Our fault report line (121) operates 24 hours a day. However, our maintenance service is only available from 8am to 4pm on weekdays in accordance with your contract.