Entertainment - Frequently Asked Questions

Showmax is a streaming service that offers you a wide variety of award-winning TV shows,

movies, documentaries, original programs, kids’ content, sports and more. You can watch as much as you want, wherever you want, whenever you want, without a single advert interrupting your stream.

There is always something new to discover and fresh content is added weekly. There are no contracts, and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Showmax also offers Showmax Pro Mobile, which gives you convenient access to all the entertainment you love on your smart device (smartphones and tablets).

- Football: 2022 World Cup, English Premier League, LaLiga, Serie A, FA Cup, UEFA Europa League, UEFA

Europa Conference League, Premier Soccer League and more.

- Motorsport: MotoGP, Dakar Rally, NASCAR Cup and more.

- Tennis: All Grand Slams and ATP Tour events.

- Athletics: Diamond League, World Challenge League and more.

- Running: Berlin, Boston, London, NYC, Soweto Marathons and more.

- Cycling: Tour De France, World Tour Events and more.

- Boxing: Selected IBF, WBA, WBO, WBC, and African Boxing events.

- Other: Triathlon, Gymnastics and Squash.

This list is subject to change based on the rights limitations from sporting bodies, and event availability may vary from country to country. We are constantly adding new and exciting events to our catalogue, and we will keep you updated.

Please note: The current global pandemic has had a serious impact on the sporting world, with some events either postponed or cancelled by organisers. This will affect SuperSport’s ability to broadcast certain events. We will continue to monitor the situation and make the necessary changes to our schedule as developments occur.

To access the Showmax Pro Mobile plan, you can watch on either your smartphone or tablet.

All Cable and Wireless Prepaid and Postpaid mobile services will be eligible to purchase the

Showmax booster bundle (valid for 30 days).

Customers can buy access to a 30-day Showmax subscription by doing either of the


Option 1: USSD Shortcode

Step 1: Dial #155#
Step 2: Select Option 1 – Purchase Boosters
Step 3: Select Showmax booster
Step 4: Click the link in the confirmation SMS (You will be sent an SMS after selecting your
Step 5: Enjoy 30 days of Showmax!

Option 2: MyCare

Step 1: Register for a MyCare account, or log in to your existing account
Step 2: Select Shop
Step 3: Select Boosters
Step 4: Select Showmax booster
Step 5: Enter the OTP (You will be sent an SMS containing an OTP to validate your identity)
Step 6: Click the link in the confirmation SMS (You will be sent an SMS after selecting your
Step 7: Enjoy 30 days of Showmax!

The 30-day Showmax Booster is priced at SCR 135.

If you are a postpaid customer, the charge will be added to your end-of-the-month bill.

If you are a prepaid customer, the charge will come off your account balance.

Yes. You can use Wi-Fi and/or data, it is up to you.

You can control how much data you use by choosing from 3 streaming qualities. To manage this, simply go to Bandwidth Capping in your Showmax app Settings and select your preference.

The Showmax app also lets you download shows and movies to watch offline on your smartphone or tablet, so you can save data.

If you have purchased more than 1 Showmax Pro Mobile booster on MyCare or via #155*1#, you will automatically have a Showmax Pro Mobile subscription valid for the same number of months. 

For example: If you have purchased 2 Showmax boosters, then you will have a Showmax Pro Mobile subscription which is valid for 2 months.

Android: Showmax supports Android phones and tablets that are running on Android 7 or higher.

Huawei: Showmax supports Huawei phones and tablets that are running on Huawei Harmony OS

Apple: Showmax supports Apple iPhones and iPads that running on iOS 12.0 or higher

Please note that application availability may vary from country to country.

We are not able to guarantee that Showmax Pro will work on every device due to the complexities of different components used by different manufactures.