Connect with more than one friend with CWS Group Call

  • One user can place a call and join/merge other users within the same call
  • Up to 5 calls can be made (6 participants including the caller)
  • All 6 participants can be on the same call
  • Each called party can be joined at any time
  • Charging – only calling party is charged per call with corresponding duration
  • Called party not charged
  • Only CWS customers can initiate the multiparty calls
  • Called party can be local or international
  • Works across all mobile networks – 2G, 3G and LTE and on any device with conference calling feature

How does GroupCall work?

Below are the steps on how to set up a GroupCall. Simple and easy.

  • Initiate a call to desired number
  • When the receiver picks up, the option to ‘Add Call’ will appear on your screen.
  • To make an additional call, select ‘Add Call’ and dial the number of whom you would like to reach. Note that while you are completing this step, the initial recipient of your call will be on hold.
  • This time, when your second called party picks up, you will be given the option to ‘Merge’ the ongoing calls.
  • By selecting ‘Merge’ both ongoing calls will be added to one line and you will now be able to have a three-way call.
  • To add other parties, repeat the process from ‘Add Call’.

Screenshots of the steps taken…