What is uChat?

uChat is an SMS service that allows you to chat with other mobile users about different topics. Join one of many fun chat rooms available or create your own private chat room and invite your friends. Get chatting easily, quickly and even discreetly!

uChat SMS rate is SR0.25 per message (excl. VAT).

How do I get started?

If you are a first time user, you need to register to uChat before you can log into a chat room. To register, simply send an SMS to 9611 in the following format:

Reg < chat name > e.g. Reg Username1

Note: Choose your own chat name of up to 15 characters in length. You can use numbers and letters combined.

How to see the full list of chat rooms?

SMS the keyword Rooms to 9611

How do I chat?

You first need to join a chat room. Then simply send all your SMS messages to 9611 and they will be sent to all users in the chat room you are currently logged into.

Can I chat privately?

uChat lets you send private messages to whoever you want to in a chat room.
People you don’t want to send to will not get your private messages.

You can also create your own private chat room and invite other uChat users to join you. Check out the Keyword table in this guide for details.

Note: The password and room name of a private room should not exceed 15 characters in length and can be made up of numbers and letters combined.

Why can’t I receive any more chat messages?

Mobile phones can store a limited number of SMS messages and are unable to receive more messages when full.

Remember to delete some unwanted SMS messages in your inbox to free up some space for chat messages.

How do I login to uChat?

SMS the keyword Login to 9611. This will take you to a “General Room” where you can send keywords to 9611 for different functions (see keyword table).

To start chatting however, you must join a chat room.

To login directly into a room, send an SMS to 9611 as follows if you know the room number or room name:

  Login < room number or room name > e.g. Login 1 or Login teens

Can I join more than one chat room at a time?

You can only chat in one room at a time.

What do I do if I forget my chat name?

Send an SMS with the keyword Status to 9611.

Will other users know my mobile phone number?

No. uChat is anonymous and the only way a recipient will know your personal details is if you send it to them.

Building your uChat profile

With uChat, you can choose to build a real or an imaginary profile if you want to. Simply send an SMS to 9611 in the following format:

Prof n < name >.a < age >.s < m or f >.l < location >.ab< about >.

You can choose to include all the info or just some, e.g. an age and a name only. Just follow the same format but leave out what you don’t want to include. The format also works in any order, so you can enter an age before a name, etc. Just remember to always end each info type with a full stop.

Rest assured, private messages and private rooms are just that . . . very private! No one can see your messages other than the person you are chatting with! Your private room is password protected and you choose the room name, the password and who to invite.

Adding chat names to your friends list

Add friends to your personal friends list by sending an SMS to 9611 in the following format:

Add < chat name >

Your friends will receive the request from you and need to authorise this to be added to your friends list.

Note: When using uChat, make sure you enter the right command using the keywords as shown in the table in this guide. You can use capital and/or small letters.

Keyword Table

Keyword Format (send to 9611) Description
Reg Reg < chat name > Registering to the uChat service
Edit Edit < new chat name > Edit your chat name
Help Help / Help < Keyword > List of available keywords / How to use a specific keyword
Rooms Rooms List of chat rooms
List List List of active rooms and total number of users per room
Login Login / Login < room number > or Login < room name > Logging into the uChat service / Logging directly into a chatroom
Change Change < room number > or CHANGE < room name > Change to a different chat room
Cpr Cpr < room name > < password > Create a private room
Invite Invite < chat name 1 > < chat name 2 > To invite one or more chat names to your private room
Lpr Lpr < room name > < password > Log into a private room
Pm Pm < chat name 1, chat name 2 > < message > Send private message(s) to selected chat user(s)
Status Status To get your current status information, e.g. chat name
Add Add < chat name > To add chat name(s) to your friends list
Auth Auth < chat name > To authorise the addition of your chat name to a friends list
Decline Decline < chat name > To decline a friend’s request to add your chat name to a friends list
Del Del < chat name > To delete a chat name from your friends list
Friends Friends To view your friends list
Prof Prof n < name >.a < age >.s < m or f >. l < location >.ab < about >. To add or edit your profile
Profile Profile < chat name > To view your profile or another chat user’s profile
Users Users Lists users in the chat room which you are currently using
Block Block < chat name > To block other chat users from sending you messages
Unblock Unblock < chat name > To allow blocked users to send you chat messages
Logout Logout / Logout < message > Logging out of the chat service / Logging out with an outgoing message
Unreg Unreg Unregister from the service