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A PBX known as Private Branch Exchange which manages incoming and outgoing phone calls as well as the organizations internal communications. It acts as the switching system for phone calls within a business by handling internal traffic between stations and acts as the gatekeeper to the outside world. 

Value Added Features

  • Direct dialing inward (DDI)
  • Automated attendant 
  • Voicemail
  • Music on hold 
  • Call waiting 
  • Call forwarding 
  • Call transfer 
  • PMS integration 
  • Call record 
  • Call accounting 
  • Call centre
  • Conference bridge 


  • A PBX allows a variety of people to use one line. This way a business can have one phone number but all of its employees can be reached through that one number. 
  • A PBX also allows employees to call each other using their extensions.
  • With the development of the Internet & VOIP ( Voice over Internet), it is now possible to have an IP PBX, which means having a PBX that uses the much more affordable VoIP services. It is now possible to have an IP PBX, which means having a PBX that uses the much more affordable VoIP services. This is because IP PBX (Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange) is based around software (the software provides all of the PBX features) as opposed to having to purchase expensive PBX hardware.

Hosted PBX

A hosted PBX also known as a hosted VoIP service; the call platform and PBX features are both hosted at your service provider’s location and your business connects to these services using an IP (Internet Protocol) which connects the user to your provider for service. A Hosted PBX, also known as a Hosted VoIP, is an internet phone system in which the provider houses the IP PBX at their location and looks after all of the technology necessary to run the phone system. All calls, signaling, and features are handled through an IP_PBX server which is located at the provider’s location.

On Premise PBX

On Premise PBX is physically located at your business’s premises and can support traditional analog lines, digital or IP extension. 

Benefits of Hosted and On Premise PBX System

Hosted PBX

  • Low investment costs
  • Future proof 
  • Affordability 
  • Up-to-date on latest technology and software
  • Additional features available 
  • Quick deployment 

On Premise PBX

  • Hybrid PBX that supports analog, digital & IP phone
  • More control over the phone system